Gayle Sutch

Material: Rivershell

In Loving Memory of my cousin, Gayle Sutch presented as a gift to her mother as a planned surprise while she discovered it as a winning entry at the Cypress Juried Art Show.

-Private Collection-





Material: Fresh Water River Clam Shell

I was commissioned by the father of Pauline, the young lady in the back of the outrigger.

I worked from a photo dating back many years which he treasured, which captured memories of the days when his daughter was younger and was on a local canoeing team. He gave it to her as a birthday gift.






This dragonfly image was made by scrimming (carving or scratching) into Corian using a sail needle. India ink is then applied, wiping off the excess and then it is cleaned and sealed with clear acrylic spray.




Sea Otter


My second scrimshaw piece, this sea otter, took several more hours to complete than the dragonfly; I felt I had got the hang of using the scrim tool alot better; it was enjoyable working on this cute little guy.




Working with the white speckled black Corian was a challenge, and a fun one at that. As with print making, you must think in reverse as you are carving only the highlights. I used white drawing ink to brighten up the scrimmed areas but it wasn't necessary. With the light core of this Corian, you see your work as you are progressing rather than having to apply the black ink to see what you've etched.

This Eskimo woman appears as a spirit in the velvety black, star-filled night sky. Perhaps she comes as a spirit guide to the dreamer to help show them the way to enlightenment.




Handsome, I am

Dimensions: 4" x 4"

There are many of you who will recognize this very wise character. I intentionally chose this title to honor the unique manner in which he speaks, and also to avoid any hint of copyright infringement. He is simply a look-alike or a depiction, if you will, of a very respectful being from somewhere beyond this gallaxy.

Qualifying as a portrait, this is my second.



Heart of Daisies

Material: Rivershell

I scrimshawed this heart shaped piece of rivershell with a few of my mother's favorite flower, the daisy. It's actually a flat bead which I fashioned into a pendant as a gift for her.



Trixie Triceritops

Material: Corian
Dimensions: 4 5/8" diam.

As with many of my scrimshaw pieces, the subject matter is inspired by something a loved one enjoys and may even already collect. This piece was inspired by a dear friend of mine who adores dinosaurs of all types, the triceritops being one of her favorites.




Mr. Majestic

Material: Corian
Dimensions: 5 7/8" x 9 3/4"

Many words come to mind when thinking of the bald eagle. I felt "majestic" to be the most fitting hence the title, Mr. Majestic. This composition was both challenging and rewarding as I've come to find there are many people who admire eagles. Getting the detail in the feathers and the right expression in the eagle's eyes were essential in making this piece a success.



Orca on Sperm Whale Tooth






Seeing Eye to Eye

Material: Corian
Dimensions: 3" x 4"

A mother giraffe lovingly looking into her baby's eyes...




Material: Corian




See Dick Swim

Material: Corian
Dimensions: 9 5/8" x 5 7/8"

This piece often draws attention when displayed at shows while I'm demonstrating. I enjoyed coming up with the title for this piece depicting a whale illuminated by the sunlight filtered through the ocean. I decided "See Dick Swim" would evoke a smile and perhaps a recollection of the classic tale of the infamous whale, Moby Dick. Although I've since been informed these were two entirely different types of whales, I refuse to change the title.



Sand Dollar and Starfish Earrings

Material: Ivory, Gold 24K setting





In Memorium of Claire Gagnon

Claire demonstrated scrimshaw at the then, Gemcarvers Guild of America. I had seen some scrimshaw work in a museum many years prior which had piqued my interest as I loved, fine detail and have worked in pen and ink. I was quite delighted the day Claire taught our group how to do scrimshaw and have been working primarily in this medium since about 2004.


All artwork on Copyright © Sandra True 1986-2006. All rights reserved.