Mixed Media

One of my favorite mixed media to work in is hand sculpted paper and airbrush acrylic. I begin the paper making process.

Then while it is still in a pulp state on the deckel, I sculpt the shapes I want using a subtractive method, before pressing out the excess water. I primarily use a toothpick to remove the pulp leaving the desired shape/design behind. In some cases as with the snowflakes, I used tweezers as well.



Cloud Lady


I love clouds and got the idea to make Cloud Lady when I bought a bathing suit that came on a plastic form. Much of the process was experimental and the end result was close to what I had in mind.

I plan on doing a series, which this will be the first piece. The theme is mother nature.

Nana - An Eggshell Mosaic

Medium: Acrylic, Eggshells
Dimensions: 16" W by 20 " H

I started collecting eggshells over a year ago, beginning with white. Then I started buying brown eggs and noticed how many different shades of brown there were. I planned to do an eggshell mosaic then decided a portrait would work well as I'd have a great pallete for skin tones. I took my favorite photo of Nana off of the refrigerator then scanned, cropped and printed it in sepia tone to use as a reference. I painted a 16 x 20" canvas board with blue and various shades of purple acrylic. Then the fun began .. toothpicks to spread Elmers glue and a pair of jewelers tweezers to apply the egg shells one at a time ...


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