Interlude Series

This is a watercolor series of various relationships and stages thereof, named after the image in the neon sculpture below, titled Interlude.


Spooning Meadow



New Mother

Cherished Family



This is a photo of the original neon-on-canvas sculpture enclosed in a shadow box frame taken in an unlit art gallery.

Photograph by Dan Golden. Design by Sandra True. Sculpture - Collaborative effort by Dan Golden, John Brent and Sandra True.

Dimensions: 60" w x 37 1/4" h x 5 1/2" d.


** Reprints of photo available in any standard size. Inquiries welcome.


Interlude (unlit!)

Here is the same neon sculpture as you see above. Almost looks like an oversized embossing if you squint your eyes just a little bit. The deep shadow box frame which has been cropped out of the photo is also white.

When lit, this piece's electrifying luminescence is quite captivating as well as romantic... You'll want to leave the light on... *wink!*






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