Welcome! Thank you for visiting my brand new website. As you can see by the categories there will be alot more content soon. I treat the webpage making process, which is new to me, as a work of art in itself. I would no sooner rush through a painting in order to finish, so why hurry now?


My dear friend, fellow arist and mentor, Pat d'Prey writes:

"This native Californian developed her passion for art early in life, influenced by her creative and encouraging parents. She has pursued multimedia with enthusiastic curiosity, and, as a result of her love for art and her desire to share that enthusiasm with others, she has become well versed in aspects of unusual media such as neon, airbrush, and hand-made paper. Her work evokes positive emotions, establishing a connection to the viewers by captivating their hearts.

Sandra's work has been shown throughout the Southern California area, and has won various competitive awards. She is an artist who is definitely on her way up. Watch for exhibitions of her unique interpretations. "